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About the NASA Reduced Gravity Research Program

The NASA Reduced Gravity Program operated by NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas, provides the unique "weightless" or "zero-g" environment of space flight for test and training purposes on a cost-reimbursable funding basis. With the coming of age of the Space Transportation System and the current plans for the Space Station, this capability is ideal for the development and verification of space hardware, experiments, crew training and it is also ideal for doing basic research.

Required Forms and Information
AOD Form 239: Mishap Form
AOD Form 240: Acknowledgement for Flying Form
AOD Form 262: Customer Feedback
Aerospace Physiology, Spatial Awareness Briefing
Aviation Safety Brief
NPR 7900.3C—Appendix C Flight on Public Aircraft

What's New

TEDP’s are now due 8 weeks out from flight week, please see the link to RGO Users Guide - AOD Work Instruction for more details.

Link to Download Acrobat Reader

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