Experimenter's Handbook

Reference the WB-57 Experimenter's Handbook for detailed information on WB-57 operations and capabilities, payload design and integration guidelines, payload documentation requirements, Ellington Field facilities, flight request instructions, mission timelines, etc.. The level of detail presented in the Experimenter's Handbook is much greater than that presented in this website and is designed to be a valuable reference document for any researcher. However, if you have any questions beyond the scope of the Experimenter's Handbook, please feel free to contact the WB-57 Program Office.


The Experimenter's Handbook contains graphics and may take time to download.


Stress Analysis

The following document concerning preparation of stress analysis reports was released in December 2009 and is designed to augment the information in the WB-57 Experimenter's Handbook, particularly the section on Payload Data Package (PDP) requirements. Please use both documents to aid in payload design, development, and documentation.